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Old Need for Speed music/blast from the past

I had a weird thing happen to me a couple weeks ago. I had someone randomly message me asking me if I was so-and-so from way back in the day who had converted much of the music from the early Need for Speed games to MP3 and uploaded them to the site.

I responded to the affirmative (he had apparently asked several other people with my first and last name before finding me). He wanted to know if I still had those original files. Apparently there is a website that links to many of the songs on Youtube, but the quality isn’t quite there and some of the songs seem to be modified, or maybe they’re Redbook audio versions that aren’t quite as polished as the end product that was in the game sort of thing. Whatever the case is, he wanted those original files I had converted.


I had to tell him that they’re likely on an old computer of mine sitting in storage a couple hundred miles from where I live (long story). But I did show him that at least music from the first two NFS games were still online at, but NFS Hot Pursuit and later games there was no music uploaded for.

After just an otherwise pleasant exchange, he linked me to an album from one of the artists who co-wrote many of the music that appeared in those early NFS games, Romolo di Prisco.


Then I wound up down a rabbit hole listening to a bunch of those old songs myself on Youtube and NFSCheats. Which also then led me to checking up on what some of the other artists had been upto in the meantime. Sadly, one of the main guys, Saki Kaskas (aka Captain Ginger among other names) had passed away of an overdose in 2016. Was very sad to hear that.

Jeff Dyck co-wrote and fine-tuned many of the music with Saki back in the days and from what I gather stayed good friends post EA-employment. Saki had an album that was in the works which Dyck eventually set out to finish and release for his deceased friend. There apparently was a release party in June and the album should be available on many electronic services.


The album contains his pseudonym Saki Kaskas and is titled with his actual first name, Theodosius. I found it on Spotify, I’m unsure on where else it might be, but for those curious, have a listen.

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